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Happy City St. John’s is a non-profit organization that “informs, encourages, and facilitates public dialogue around civic issues in the city of St. John’s.”

They’re striving to be “a trusted and valued venue for citizens, advocacy groups, business associations, labour organizations, and municipal staff to come together.”

Their cheery name is a reflection of their belief that “an informed city is a successful city – and a happy city.”

That’s the spirit of tonight’s community forum.

6-7pm: Presentations followed by General Questions

  • Councilor Dave Lane will speak about development in St. John’s and Downtown West
  • Chief Municipal Planner Ken O’Brien will review the current land uses and zoning for the area, the developments under construction, and the planned (and approved) developments to come.
  • Jim Case of Sheppard Case will discuss Fortis and Salvation Army developments.
  • Heritage NL representative Andrea O’Brien will speak on the local history of the area.
  • Skyscraper Forum representative Josh Eddy will speak on their take on the development happening in the area, their concerns, and the opportunities present.
  • Josh Smee of Happy City St. John’s will review possibilities for community involvement.

7:15: Break
7:30: Group Visioning – Creation of “Community Wish List”
7:45: Discussion Groups
8:30: Regroup and Summaries

The forum will be held at the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre in the basement of George Street United Church, right in the middle of the area being discussed. All are welcome at this event.