St. John’s is one of the oldest cities in North America, so there’s plenty of local hauntings to dip into. With all the ghosts floating about, it’s not surprising that there’s also local paranormal experts that can act as your hookup to the other realm.

Jonathan Mallard is one such local expert. Mallard specializes in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (or EVP) — sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as brief contacts with an otherworldly source. It’s most often used in ghost hunting and parapsychology.

“[EVP] has been around since the dawn of audio recording and is my focal point within paranormal research,” says Mallard, paranormal investigator and author of NewfiEVP: Talking with the Dead in Newfoundland, where he details the nature and mechanics of EVP.

“It can be many things, but if you go hunting for ghostly voices, you will notice a wide variety of weird transmissions,” says Mallard. “They can be abrupt, strange or incredibly intelligent. I have reason to believe many of the EVP I have come across in Newfoundland, with the Life After Death Society, are the voices of the Dead.”

So, where’s the best spot in the city for an EVP session?

“One of the best places near the city is the military bunkers at Cape Spear,” says Mallard. “Late at night it is deserted and perfect for research as it has little radio reception to interfere with equipment, no people to interrupt, no electrical wiring giving false data, and is just alive with paranormal activity from time to time.”

“Over the course of close on twenty investigations with various people, myself and Robert Dumond of the Life After Death Society have managed to capture some amazing examples of spirit communication.”

Listen to Cape Spear EVP, if you dare:


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