ACTRA Newfoundland is a local branch of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) representing 22,000 professional performers across Canada. On Sunday, September 11th, during a reception from 5-7 p.m at the Geo Centre, they will be presenting actor/writer/director/producer Greg Malone with ACTRA Newfoundland’s 2015 Award of Excellence.

Malone is best known for CODCO, a hilarious culture-capturing television series for which he penned 63 episodes in addition to starring in. He’s also well-known for his many impersonations, including Barbara Frum, Jean Chrétien, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Greg wrote and performed in forty-three Wonderful Grand Band shows, and wrote and performed in a number of other shows for CBC Television, including The Root Seller and The S and M Comic Book, and appeared in many films.

Those films include The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood (considered by many to be THE NL film), The Untold Story of the Suffragists of Newfoundland and Rare Birds.  Recently, he has had a recurring guest role in Republic of Doyle.

Malone has received a number of awards including the Earle Grey Award for writing – the lifetime achievement award of Canadian television’s Gemini Awards — in addition to ten other geminis, the honorary doctor of Letters from Memorial Universtiy, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

He’s also won the Award of Merit from San Luis Obhispo International Film Festival for Director and the Best Historical Documentary from Yorkton Film Festival for The Untold Story. 

“ACTRA Newfoundland is deeply honored to be presenting this award to Greg,” says ACTRA Newfoundland’s President Amy House. “His legacy is one which while of national renown, resonates more deeply with us as his fellow Newfoundlanders.”

Speaking of Newfoundlanders, he’s also well-known for his bestselling non-fiction book, Don’t Tell the Newfoundlanders: The True Story of Newfoundland’s Confederation with Canada.