“Fool’s Free Ticket” off the new Green & Gold album is one of the catchiest, most musically original local songs of the year so far, and now it has a video as exciting as the song itself. You can’t not love the guitar in this song.

The video features frontman Len O’Neill wandering around town with a single red balloon, illustrations by Micah Brown (including a dancing hot dog), and plenty of curious onlookers.

“The idea for the video came while recording vocals,” O’Neill says. “I was trying to communicate the vibe I was going for to George, and I said something along the lines of ‘imagine me walking into Lottie’s alone and singing this over whatever music is playing and just dancing by myself.’ And we couldn’t stop laughing for quite some time. I guess you had to be there. Later, when we went to film the video I couldn’t get into Lottie’s because I had lost my wallet the week before and didn’t have an ID.”

He says they were trying to capture a “dancing by yourself kind of vibe” to communicate the feeling of striving to enjoy yourself while being on the outside of, or detached from, a group of people or a subculture or even the events over the course of an evening.

“It’s also clearly poking some fun at the absurdity of a place like George Street and empty foolishness that goes on there,” he says. “During the filming of the video, some people were weirded out, a lot of people ignored us, and still others tried to take my balloon. One guy offered to buy it and I set the price at $4000. He was no longer interested.”

Catch Green & Gold at upcoming festivals like New Branch and at The Gathering. Check out their great new album by clicking here: there’s a song on And Then the New Crow Came for everyone.