Gosse, Downey, The Overcast, and The Once Bag Two Trophies Each from This Year’s MusicNL Awards

This years awards were spread out evenly among deserving winners

10401349_10154765494625217_481810557895665259_nGosse, Downey, The Overcast, and The Once Bag Two Trophies Each from This Year’s MusicNL Awards

MusicNL is a vital support system for local musicians. They fund albums through grants, promote and advocate for artists, and provide a slew of other services. They also have an annual awards gala with more than twenty categories. This year’s weekend-long gala of songwriter circles, live shows, panel chats, a NewFound Talent Contest, and even video screening parties, happened during the last weekend of October, in Corner Brook.

MusicNL Industry Awards

In addition to their proper music awards, Music NL acknowledge “the people behind the scenes, the people who help you look good, sound good, help you with press, and teach you how to play.” This year’s winners were:

Industry Professional of the Year:
Tony Murray
Media Person of the Year:
Chad Pelley
Outstanding Company of the Year:
The Overcast
Volunteer of the Year:
Don-E Coady
Music Educator of the Year:
Adam Baxter
Graphic Artist of the Year:
Jud Haynes

MusicNL Music Awards

There are 18 MusicNL music category awards, and 4 acts were shortlisted for a whopping 5 of them: Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind, Brianna Gosse, Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case, and The Once. But unlike previous years, there was no sweeping this time. The awards were fairly evenly spread over deserving acts.

FACTOR Album of the Year:
Aera by Brianna Gosse

Group of the Year:
The Once

Female Artist of the Year:
Brianna Gosse

Dc Design Male Artist of the Year:
Mick Davis

Rising Star of the Year:
Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind

SOCAN Songwriter of the Year:
Sherman Downey

The Nickel Film Festival Music Video of the Year:
Chris Kirby for “Leave of Absence” (Dir: Don-E Coady)

Alternative Recording of the Year:
Cabbages and Kings

Steele Communications Celtic/Traditional Recording of the Year:
Aaron Collis & Emilia Bartellas

Classical Recording of the Year:
Rob Power

Country Recording of the Year:
The Secrets

The Telegram Folk/Roots Recording of the Year:
The Once

Gospel Recording of the Year:
Dan Bursey

Instrumental Recording of the Year:
Duane Andrews and Craig Young

Coast 101.1 FM Jazz/Blues Recording of the Year:
Hip Waders

Loud Recording of the Year:

Molson-Coors Pop/Rock Recording of the Year:
Sherman Downey & The Ambiguous Case

Urban/Electronic Recording of the Year:

Side Musician of the Year:
Craig Follet

Unsung Hero Award:
Paul Heppleston

Industry Builder Award:
Shirley Montague

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Mattis Benoit

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