Happy Hour with co-workers is fine, and so is meeting a date for drinks, but, let’s be honest: sometimes the best company on a rainy Tuesday night is your favourite feline friend. And there’s a way to unwind with them now: Cat Wine.

It comes in 2 varieties: Pinot Meow (a play off Pinot Noir for red wine lovers) and Moscato (a play off Muscadet for white wine lovers). The company making them is called Apollo Peak, and they claim ” our cat wine line is designed to entice even the most picky of pets.” They’re also safe for human consumption, should you feel desperate some night.

But is it really wine? No, alcohol is bad for cats. It’s catnip, classed up. But pour yourself an actual pinot and your pet pal a glass of this stuff and you’ll each get to your happy place together. Apollo Peak’s cat wine is actually quite healthy too, and packed with things like beets. “We source only fresh organic catnip, peppermint, chamomile, and other herbs grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.”

And if you’re a dog lover, don’t worry. They’ve expanded their line and make 2 kinds of dog wine: Zinfantail (a play off Zinfandel for red wine lovers) and CharDOGnay (a play off chardonnay for white wine lovers).  Rumour has it there’s a malBARK coming soon for dogs who die for malbec, and a Pinot GRRigio.

A 1.6-meownce bottle is priced at $4.95US, and an 8-meownce bottle is $11.95US. If all this sounds wild, it’s got nothing on cat bars; bars for cats exist.