In New Zealand, Domino’s has partnered with a drone company called Flirtey to replace the pizza delivery person with a drone.

According to Domino’s CEO Don Meiji, it’s not just about saving a buck. He says drones provide a safely faster delivery. Instead of a car rushing yellow lights and pushing speed limits to deliver your Domino’s on time, a drone can zip it right to you without competing with traffic.

And 10 minutes from the store to your door means a fresher, hotter feed.

Right now it’s a pilot program happening only at one store, only in the town of Whangaparaoa. And for now, the drones can only drop the pizzas into into a customer’s backyard, but they’re working on a better system.

First Whangaparao, then the world. It is assumed it won’t be long before this is happening in North America.