An American ride-hailing company called Lyft has declared that all of their cars will be self-driving within five years. And they say these auto-driven vehicles will eventually be a cheaper and more practical means of getting around than owning your own car.

They’re not the only ones saying it, and it’s a fact most car companies are scrambling to be at the fore to bring self-driving cars to market. In fact, Lyft and GM have partnered up on the matter, and Volvo and Uber are also partnering up to work towards driver-free ride-hail cars.

It is predicted hands-off cars will roll out in 3 steps:

1.) At first, self-driving rides will only be available from ride-call companies like Lyft and Uber, and only along certain routes.

2.) Next up, these cars will be allowed on any street but will have a max speed.

3.) By 2021, we will see completely autonomous cars doing as they wish. At which point, personal cars will start going the way of the dodo.

Lyft & GM have already developed a fleet of these things. They’ve been testing them in San Francisco and Phoenix.