The girlfriend of a teenager named Julio Macías González  gave him a hickey this week, and that hickey turned lethal. It caused a blood clot near the love mark on his neck, that broke free and lodged in his brain, causing a stroke. 

The young Mexican boy was having supper with his family, after spending the day with his girlfriend, when he started having seizures and was taken to hospital. The boy was trying to hide the hickey, on account of his parents not approving of his girlfriend who was seven years older. Julio was 17 and she 24.

This lethal kiss is not unprecedented: not too long ago a woman in her 40s died in New Zealand because of a hickey turned stroke. So should you be careful during your next teenage romp in the bedroom? It’s questionable.

According to Dr. Glatter from Lennox Hill Hospital in New York, it would have to be “the mother of all hickeys” to cause a potentially dangerous blood clot beneath the skin at the site of the hickey. One that did serious damage to your carotid artery. He also says people with connective tissue issues are the ones really at risk.

Teresa Roncon, spokeswoman for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, is also reassuring the world this is a very rare occurrence, and in fact, there’s not enough evidence to support the notion hickeys killed these two people.