No one is entirely comfortable with strangers flying something with a camera attached to it over their properties, into their backyards, in their faces. CBC-NL’s Carolyn Stokes wrote a great piece this year about a drone hovering in her backyard, watching her on her patio. Creepy. Here’s a snippet

“Then it appears, that creepy roving eyeball with free rein of the neighbourhood. Instead of coasting through our backyard as those machines typically do, this one stops. It stops as abruptly as a Road Runner hitting its mark on a cliff’s edge. Then, it actually backs up, and hovers, about 10 feet in front of and above our patio, and our faces. We look at it. It looks at us. It feels like a bizarre staring contest with a Peeping Tom emboldened by anonymity.”

If you feel like you have the right to swat those things away from your personal space, animals agree. And unlike the human approach of going through legal channels or abiding by legislation, the wild world — from kangaroos and eagles, to man’s best friend — are putting these roving robots of the sky in their place.

Here’s A Hawk Showing a Drone Who the Boss of the Sky Is:

Here’s a Dog Making a Treat of a Backyard Invader:

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Here’s a Canada Goose Defending Canada’s Airways:

Man’s Best Friend Defends Man’s Backyard:

A Ram Ramming a Drone That Had It Coming: