One of the biggest thorns in Hillary’s side during the fall’s US election has been her “email scandal.” During the years she was secretary of state, she didn’t use a proper and secure “.gov” email address. Instead, she used a personal account to conduct her government business.

What got her in hot water was the notion of classified, sensitive emails being vulnerable because of her actions, and, the fact that by using a private email account and server, she prevented her messages from being accessible through Freedom of Information Act requests, congressional subpoenas, and other searches.

As the powers that be plough through 30-something-thousand emails, to assess or undo or evaluate any damages or wrongdoing, nothing too shocking is coming to the surface. Take for instance, this request for culinary knowledge over the key to a kitchen classic: the fluffyness of a proper risotto.

Here’s Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, asking financial advisor and Friend of the Clinton Foundation, Peter Huffman, “Why can’t you just add one or two cups of stock at a time” instead of constantly churning that shit in a splash at a time?