“Lindy Hop is a partnered dance with origins in the Jazz Age of the 1920s in Harlem,” says Matthew Melay.

Lindy Hop on the Rock offers a variety of classes from the absolute beginner to the seasoned swinger. And you need no partner to sign up. “Lindy Hop is a social dance where each dancer switches partners,” Melay says, adding “don’t panic! There are always beginners in each new session. It’s actually a great way to meet new people and learn!”

Collectively, Lindy Hop on the Rock’s instructors have decades of experience in dance and instruction so regardless of your level of expertise  or dance experience, they offer something to everyone.

Lindy Hop on the Rock’s upcoming March session offers 3 levels of instructions:

“Lindy Hop Beginner A Class,” for those taking their first steps into Lindy Hop. “This class emphasizes connection, rhythm, improvisation, and most of all – fun! The Lindy hop Beginner A class, introduces basic 6-count footwork and a progression of figures such as the tuck turn, change of place, the Charleston as well as the Shim Sham line dance. By the end of the 6-week session, students will have what they need to be confident on the social dance floor!”

“Lindy Hop Beginner B Class,” is a continuation of the basic Lindy hop figures and movement patterns from Beginner A, “that keeps the fun in fundamentals. In this class, dancers are introduced to 8-count footwork and associated figures.”

By “Lindy Hop Intermediate Class,” most students will have completed both beginner A and beginner B sessions one or more times. “It’s time to sync or swing! Intermediate class teaches more advanced Lindy Hop technique, new figures, and variations.”

Now in its third year, Melay reports “lots of smiling faces, and happy feet” at their classes and events. Lindy Hop on the Rock got its start by a group of dancers who were looking to build connection with other people in the city, make friends, and create something that St. John’s didn’t have – namely a social dance scene. Their vision has resulted in a vibe all of its members feel.

Each 6-week course session costs $40, or you can pre-register online and save 25%. Classes take place every Tuesday at The Landing: Room UC-3013 at MUN.

Additionally, “Swing cats looking for a night out know where they’ll find St. John’s swing dancers on Friday night – the MMap room at the Arts and Culture Center. Practiciswing provides a chance for beginners and intermediate dancers to practice their dance moves in a casual and supportive environment hosted by an experienced Lindy Hop instructor. Entry is $3.”

Don’t miss Lindy’s special “Lindy Hop and Balboa Swing Dance Workshop Weekend” from March 4th to the 6th. “This year, St. John’s Swing scene is bringing in two world-class swing dance instructors to St. John’s for a weekend of Lindy Hop and Balboa dance instruction. The Swing & Balboa Dance Workshop Weekend offers high energy dance instruction from qualified instructors that’ll add some zing to your Swing!” All levels of experience are welcome; each class is tailored to ensure that each dancer has an appropriate level of challenge.