Are you DYING to go to Lawnya Vawnya this year?

The Overcast has hidden a pair of passes again this year, to make our LV Hidden Pass Hunt an annual bit of fun. Passes are $100 a pop, but these 2 are free for anyone feeling a little sleuthy on a dreary Monday morning. Check back here throughout the day, as we reveal another clue every few hours.

When you find the passes, please comment below so people know not to keep fruitlessly foraging for them. And to eternalize your brilliance alongside last year’s winner, Katie Predham.


1.) Lawnya Vawnya is always a good time, and if you ask the right tourist, or local, so is the general area we’ve hidden the passes in.

2.) If you’re feeling pretty grave about your chances of winning, you’re looking in the right direction. Don’t be so grim, go reap your reward.

3.) Deadly coincidence: the passes are near one of the city’s most popular live music bars.

4.) Coming at 6pm

Since this is a PAIR of passes you’ll be sharing with a pal or a partner, here’s a song by Partner — a great band playing their first show in St. John’s for Lawnya Vawnya 2016: