Remember trampoline fever of 2016, when Canada won the gold in Rio, and everybody cared about trampolining for a minute? Well, you can relive Olympic glory whenever you want at the newly opened Get Air facility (63 Thorburn Rd). 

“We target all ages, but six to fifteen is a main customer base,” says Shauna Bremner, Canadian District Manager for Get Air. The trampoline park is offering intense bounce experiences at $17 for an hour ($25 for two hours), plus the reusable Jump Socks ($3).

“All activities … dodgeball, basketball, fidget ladder…are all on trampoline courts,” says Bremner.

They also keep the big jumpers and little jumpers separated to keep all jumpers safe. That’s probably for the best: you don’t want a five-year-old launched at you at ramming speed.

Meanwhile, parents and guardians are not required to jump while supervising, as there’s no admission charge for guests who are not jumping or participating in the activities. “We have pathways and seating all over the jump area so you can easily watch your children do their cool moves,” says District Manager Bremner.

Get Air is a franchise out of Ogden, Utah (home of Donnie & Marie Osmond!). “Currently, they have 55 parks including international parks in Mexico, Japan, and Canada,” says Bremner.

“Get Air is a great facility for families of all ages to come to for good, healthy fun,” says Bremner. “We focus on safety and customer service so our customers have a safe enjoyable facility to come to. We are also known as a ‘party central’ as we cater to birthday parties, groups and fundraisers.”

The week after they opened, there was a 90-minute wait to get in the door, so they’re definitely responding to the growing thirst for alternative recreation in St. John’s.

Also, if you’re hoping for an adult beverage with your potentially-hazardous-but-well-supervised alternative recreational activity, the waiver clearly states that no one is to use a trampoline when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Oh well… there’s always Jack Axe’s (152 Water St).

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