St. John’s Centre MHA Gerry Rogers is hosting a “path-breaking town hall” tonight, featuring seniors and youth in conversation about where our province was, is, and needs to go.

Featured guests will include senior/youth pairings of artists, academics, immigrants, and labourers. The audience will be flies on the wall for their conversations, and then be invited to join in.

The pairs will include legendary musician Sandy Morris & the acclaimed young duo of Joe Coffin and Nick Earle; labour activists Alyse Stewart and Wayne Lucas; Young economics student Kerri Neil will strategize with senior activist Sharron Callahan; senior public policy administrator Anne Marie Anonsen will sit with with 25-year-old Maggie Burton (who is gearing up to run for city council); Young activist Ashley Martin Rebecca Chaytor will sit with young aboriginal leader Noel Joe.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to hear seniors and youth from all walks of life talk about what they’d like to see happen in NL, “everything from the environment, the arts, employment, politics and more.”

Rogers’ promises “there’ll be talking, prodding, pulling, and challenging … and music and refreshments.”

“It is rare that the voices of youth and seniors are heard regarding public policy,” reads a press release. “More often than not, seniors and youth are spoken ‘about’ or ‘for.’ We hear phrases like ‘our vulnerable seniors need …’ or ‘youth are our future.’ So … let’s get together and hear directly from seniors and youth about what we need to do as a province, how to break down barriers, and find new ways to work together.”

The event is open to all, tonight, from 7-9pm, at St. Teresa’s Parish Hall Mundy Pond Rd. The hall is wheelchair accessible and the event will be interpreted for the hearing impaired.