Geo Centre Set to Launch Their Just-for-Adults Series This Week

The Geo Centre's "Geo After Dark" series launches this week, with the first of a bi-weekly science exhibit for adults.

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This week, the Johnson Geo Centre is launching their summer program, “Geo After Dark.” Thursday night will be the first in a series of bi-weekly evening programs tailored for adults to learn all about the wonderful world of science. You’re never too old to have your mind blown, so leave the kids at home and treat yourselves (or a date) to one, any, or all of these evenings, which end in a trivia night to test what you learned over the summer. Admission is only $5, or $4 for members or MUN students. Alcohol will be available for purchase, so it is 19+ with IDs required.

The Super Science Show:  July 3rd.
Doors open 6:30pm (event starts at 7:00pm)

A crazy evening of science experiments and chemical reactions. Learn about how we know there is sodium in the sun, if fire is bound by the laws of gravity, and what is so cool about endothermic reactions!

Earth’s Treasures: The fascinating Elegance of Rocks and Minerals
July 17th 2014, doors open 6:30pm (event starts at 7:00pm)

Take a peek at a geologist’s private collection of rocks and minerals, explore the different types of rocks found on Earth, learn about some interesting mineral characteristics, and get some advice on starting a collection of your own.

Glowology: The Cool Science of Luminescence
July 31st 2014, doors open 6:30pm (event starts at 7:00pm)

Glimmering brilliance can be found hiding in the most unlikely of places. Delve into the many forms of cool light, observe the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence, and discover how chemical reactions can create a beautiful shimmer in our natural world.

Summer Stargazing
August 14th 2014, doors open 6:30pm (event starts at 7:00pm)
*Pre-registration Required for this night only, spots are limited*

Our fourth event of the summer will happen in a dome! Have you ever looked up at the night sky and been inspired by its beauty? Our ancestors have been doing the same for centuries. Geo After Dark is pleased to introduce our planetarium dome where you can sit back and enjoy a view of the stars while listening to stories that have been told for ages. Then, we’ll fast forward in time on a journey to learn about each of the planets that can be found circling around in our solar system.

The Science of Health and Beauty
August 28th 2014, doors open 6:30pm (event starts at 7:00pm)

This session looks to educate women about healthy choices for the mind, body, and soul through fun sessions and recipes and by meeting professional women in the fields of health and wellness.  Admission for this event is $10 (or $8 for members).

Science Trivia Night
September 11th 2014, doors open 6:30pm (event starts at 7:00pm)

Use the knowledge you’ve gained from attending our Geo After Dark evening programs (or just the stuff that you’ve stuffed in your brain over the years) to show us your smarts! Trivia Night will include topics that we’ve discussed over the summer and lots of other random science-y questions. Prizes to be won!

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  • Went to The Super Science Show on July 3rd to get underground and hide from the heat. Really fun stuff! Lots of science fair tricks with fire, ice, electricity, and chemical reactions. Lots of people in attendance, too. Very cool.

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