Free Download! The Overcast’s 2013 Sampler of Local Albums

2013 was another great year for local music, and we’d hate not to recognize that. Today’s as good as day as any to mention that The Overcast will have an annual music award, and not wanting to leave 2013 un-rewarded, it’ll start by recognizing an album from 2013. The Borealis Award will recognize one great album every year, in any genre, courtesy of our kind sponsor, Deacon Investments. Expect a longlist of twenty albums soon, and a shortlist of five the end of February. Read more on The Borealis Award, here. What’s below simply scratches the surface of what came out of this island this year, including more than 100 RPM albums.

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Big thank you to all these folks for giving away a song. Check out their full albums: Green and Gold’s The Body Knows | Run to the Rocks’ Limit the Light | AM/FM Dreams’ Something into Nothing | The Discounts’ Part One | Matthew Hornell’s Have it All | Coach Long Legs’ No Dogs at Shows | Thom & the Thomcats’ Slow Motion Pictures | Joanna Barker’s A Sudden Flame | Caribou Horses’ Songs for Mal | Monsterbator’s Practice Moans for the Big Fire | uHu’s uHu EP | Neil Conway’s Songs for Topical Use | Don Brownrigg’s It Takes All Kinds (to Make the World Go Round, I Find) | The Connexions’ Connect Four | Temples’ Temples | Scrambled Meggz’ The People That We Used to Be

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  • I personally love this sampler and can barely stop listening to it.

    It’s hard to deny the criticism, though, that the artists on it (in the grand scheme of things) share similar genres and audiences. Even so, the way I see it, this doesn’t lessen the value of this project.

    Maybe future samplers can bundle artists of alike genres, too. If The Overcast editors feel they’re not familiar enough to authoritatively compile a given sampler, they could get people who are trusted and respected within a given scene to curate it; sort of like a local Songza.

    • Oh, I like the idea of genre’d samplers for sure. Moving forward, they’ll all have a theme more focussed than “2013.” The trouble is, samplers require bands actually have recordings to share, which cuts out quite a lot of amazing bands right away, you know? That said, there’s plenty of local recordings coming out of here. Plenty.

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  • leaving out so many great bands/releases… hilarious that the discounts album didnt even come out in 2013… so far the overcast’s music selection has been nothing shining bright n new… same ole boring narrow view of what is a wonderful scene. keep beating the dead horse, overcast.

    • The website is 3 days old, Josiah. Maybe give us a few weeks before you decide we’re beating a dead horse? Also, there is no such thing as a 16-song sampler that can include more than 16 songs. There’ll be plenty of samplers, relax, lighten up, chip in and tell us 3 bands that should’ve been on this sampler?

  • So…I’m really glad to see my band, The Discounts, on this list but it was released well before 2013. It came out on bandcamp in 2013 but it’s older than that so I think we should be disqualified. However, you should really listen to the album ’cause it was slept on big time when it came out. Nobody in town would review it though someone at Exclaim magazine did:

    “Instrumentally, the group are excellent and thus Part One plays out as an extended invitation that calls to fans to check the group out in a live setting, which is where they could really show their mettle.”

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