It isn’t where you eat. It is that you had a plan and that you walk each other, arm in arm, through it. Do not begin your date with this classic romance killer, “So, where do you want to go?” No. No No No.

If there was an opinion to be heard you should have solicited it before now. Take him/her anywhere, but know where that will be before you ring the bell. Here are some ideas to get your own date-gears lubed and cranking:


Make the reservation weeks ahead and get yourself in at Raymonds/Adelaide/Mallard/Chinched/Basho. Show each other off. If you bring flowers to the door before you leave, your date won’t get the glory of envy. Hide those two dozen imported pink peonies on the counter in the restroom with your date’s name written large on a prominent card. Let them walk, hair freshly double-checked in the mirror, with an armload of blooming public love and a becoming blush of surprise under chandeliers back to the table (and you), flanked by waves of jealousy.


No car and not much money? Warn your date to dress warmly and walk along the Grand Concourse on your way to Churchill Square. Help them find the fresh roses (each with a small tag with their initials) tucked into branches along the path. By the time they realize you are taking them to the Pasta Plus beneath the Tim Horton’s to share one banana split they will be so high on romance they won’t even care if you need to borrow a loonie for the tip.


Book a room along with your meal. Surreptitiously ensure that your date’s cat’s food bowl is well filled for the next eighteen hours before heading down to Blue on Water, Magnum and Steins, or Oppidan in The Sheraton for a classy meal. Stick a new toothbrush into a pretty bouquet of daisies to present with dessert, and suggest you take your after dinner coffee upstairs. Make this suave move a real lasting heart winner by smuggling their favourite soft pants and T-shirt along for leisurely hours of post-love in-house movies and brunch.


This one is car dependent but no reservations necessary. A brown bagged bottle of wine (for the love of love do not forget your bottle opener) and take-out from J Korean (spicy, exotic, delicious, and warm). Then take advantage of St. John’s most romantic asset: the views. Head up to your favourite make-out … I mean, look-out. Signal Hill is the obvious one, but you can’t be shy up there on date night. Other options include Cape Spear, the pull-out (*cough* *cough*) just above Outer Cove, or that best view of town from Blackhead Road. Seat heaters a bonus, bench seats and glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to your car ceiling a double diamond jackpot.

Article by Emily Deming