Untitled-2Breakwater Books: Double Talk by Patrick Warner

Double Talk tells the story of Violet and Brian, two characters fleeing from their past. Brian is ambling after an immigrant’s dream, and Violet is desperate to ditch her middle class origins for something more earthy and bohemian. Their contrary social and geographical flight paths intersect in St. John s in the early 1980s, where, for a time, they find love, sex, and a safe haven in each other. No happy-ever-after story, Double Talk follows Violet and Brian over a fourteen-year period, starting at the end instead of the beginning, as the ordinary pressures of life bring to the surface the many differences that exist between them. Double Talk is a coming-of-age novel, a love story, and an examination of social class and its mysterious codes.

Creative Books: Eating Habit of the Chronically Lonesome by Megan Gail Coles

Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome by Megan Gail Coles will leave you struck, yet, exhilarated. The exploration of starvation and consumption is at the core of each character; what does our hunger reveal about the state of our soft hearts? The Telegram reviewer Joan Sullivan says, “The stories are often very short, even only four pages, but in each she compresses situation (relationship fracture and reknit), character (distilled to their absolute wants), and setting (St. John’s, Montreal, or Korea) like a literary Oreo cookie.” Quill and Quire reviewer Shawn Syms says, “Heavy reliance on the present tense and first person generates a sense of intimacy, whether Coles is unfolding the inner monologue of a homeless person or examining the stereotype of women as natural nurturer.”

Flanker Press: Maiden from the Sea by Nellie P. Strowbridge

This February, lose yourself in “a wonderful historical romance rich in descriptive imagery and with a modern twist at the end (Edwards Book Club website).” Maiden from the Sea is Nellie Strowbridge’s tale of a French servant girl who is tossed from a ship during a storm and becomes stranded in Newfoundland. Frightened and struggling to survive, Genevieve finds comfort in the arms of Nasook, a Beothuk warrior. But shortly after she gives birth to his child, her world crumbles and Genevieve and her family must flee in a desperate attempt to escape her pursuers—and her increasingly disturbing dreams.

Running the Goat Press: Jack, the King of Ashes by Andy Jones

A tale of abduction, gratitude, love, and embroidery – that’s Jack, the King of Ashes. Tender, funny, and engaging, the story’s rife with love as only master storyteller Andy Jones can render it. There’s the unflagging love of kind-hearted and light-fingered Jack for Princess Frederica Marie CorellaVan Vee Van Vettum; the passion of the rooster Bogstar for Chicken Helen (a hilarious recasting of Homer); the love of an unexpectedly verbal dog for his man. And, inevitably, the reader’s love for this fabulous tale. As Lisa Moore says – “Jack is a robber, and he’s about to make away with your heart!”