Stephen Lee & Chrissy Dicks
(Mallard Cottage & Lawnya Vawnya)

CHRISSY: I hate that when I’m not looking, Stephen sneaks knobs of butter into everything we are cooking … many many tiny blocks of butter.
STEPHEN: I hate that she has turned my car’s front seat into her powder room and the back seat into her second closet.

Kelly Mansell & Mark McGann
(Co-owners of Rocket Bakery & Deli)

Kelly: Mark likes setting up “systems,” like putting up tons of coat hooks by the front door for coats, and then never hanging his coat on them. Then, he loves to kvetch about how “no one follows the system,” especially while he’s standing at the sink washing the dishes. (I think that part is kinda cute.)
MARK: It’s difficult to find anything (wink) to complain about when it comes to our relationship. However, in the spirit of your Valentine’s issue, I’ll offer the following: I hate to get “dressed up.” It drives me crazy when I have to struggle into something other than a clean t-shirt and jeans to go out to an event.  After spending any amount of time trying to figure out what to wear, a raised eyebrow and an “Is that what you’re wearing?” is all it takes to send me over the edge!

Katheryn King & Ted Blades
(Online Producer CBC/NL & Host of CBC On the Go)

KATHRYN: He drops his Gs. It drives me freaking, frigging, flying insane, not freakin’, friggin’ flyin’ insane.
TED:  She NEVER makes dinner.

Leslie Vryenhoek & Russell Wangersky

LESLIE: One thing that drives me nuts about Russell is that he’s fanatically punctual: if you’re not five minutes early, you’re late – which puts a lot of pressure on the one upstairs getting glamorous while he’s tapping his foot by the front door.
RUSSELL:  The one thing that drives me nuts about Leslie is that she wants to make the best possible use of time — meaning she’s always cramming impossible loads of extra last minute things in just before you’re supposed to be somewhere. In her world, if you’re ten minutes late, you’re not really late at all. Arrgh