Forget the Roses … Wool Socks are Better: What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

"A dozen of the traditional aromatic flowers can cost up to $100. That’s double what you’d pay for the same flowers any other day of the year."

no-rosesOn February 14, Canadians will buy more than 12 million roses: they’re the age-old go-to gift of choice for the special Valentine in your life.

A dozen of the traditional aromatic flowers can cost up to $100. That’s double what you’d pay for the same flowers any other day of the year. And what’s so special about a rose anyway? Could a gift of something else smell as sweet?

Turns out, most women DON’T want roses for Valentines. In a survey conducted by the online dating site eHarmony, 87% percent of women say they’d rather spend time with their sweetheart on Valentines Day than get a traditional gift like flowers or chocolate. So give the women what they want … YOU!

Now don’t get me wrong here, folks, this isn’t a free ticket to spend Valentines like any other day. You still need to put some effort into making the day special.
My ideal Valentines is a tech-free night at home with my sweetheart. It would include a delicious homemade meal, a nice bottle of wine, some good music, good conversation and NO WORK EMAILS.

Economical and sweet. If he wanted to throw in a special surprise like a new book that’s on my reading list, or maybe a new pair of wool socks, well I wouldn’t turn it down. Everyone’s taste is different. The key to a successful Valentines Day is to know what your sweetheart likes and get a gift that could only be for them. It doesn’t have to cost much. For example, one of the best gifts I ever got was a Manatea … let me explain. I love tea and I also think manatees, the cows of the sea, are cute. So, when I unwrapped a tea infuser shaped like a manatee, I melted. I thought it was so thoughtful.

Maybe your sweetheart only likes orange gummy bears. Buy a few packs, pick out the other colours and voila … a thoughtful gift from the heart.
Or maybe your sweetheart likes fancy things. Maybe a pack of orange gummy bears just won’t do. It’s okay, you still don’t have to fall back on the old roses. There are lots of options for you. Maybe she wants a bit of bling. Check out Whink on Water Street’s whimsical selection of handmade local jewelry and art. If you want to spend a bit more, try The Golden Tulip. Master Goldsmith Terry can design the perfect piece of fine jewelry for your sweetheart. He’s been in the
business for more than three decades and uses the finest stones and gold so, you’re in good hands.

Maybe your sweetheart likes art. Check out the NL Craft Council or the Quidi Vidi Plantation. There’s lots of funky folk art, handmade pottery, and a great selection of jewelry made by local artists. I hope I haven’t turned you from the traditional options all together. Some may in fact want chocolate for Valentines. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has just the thing for you.Show you care with the new NL Love Bar. Each bar has a label with a message. There’s
the “Arse on Dat” and “Kiss me Luh” bars if you’re looking to get lucky, or you can show you care with these sweet messages “Luvs Ya”, “Best Kind,” “Some Sweet,” and “XOXO,” or give your darling a new pet name with the “Me Trout” and “Me Ducky” chocolates.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you spend or how big the gift is. Get something that’s thoughtful and reflects the person YOU chose to spend Valentines with. She’ll thank you for taking the time to notice the little things.

Article by Amy Stoodley

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