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(Note: You May Not Watch the Video Above If You Are Under 18 Years of Age)

If you haven’t heard of Kirill, the video above summarizes how he makes his living: touring bars and taking pictures of people gone wild. His latest tour proudly declares he’s been banned in certain places, and its poster has women on their knees dealing with ejaculating phallic objects.

He plasters his website — http://www.kirillwashere.com — and social media channels with the photos he takes, and be warned that the link is for 18+ only. He calls himself “The Slut Whisperer” and boasts he’s “here to piss off feminists,” so, he’s obviously a controversial asshole.

His name is familiar in this city because in March of 2014, Allure, a new bar, had Kirill in their club during its opening week. Photos emerged online of local women, topless and intoxicated, inside and outside of Allure. And in the background, at least one underage patron was spotted.

The club issued a statement at the time, “We apologize for any distress caused to people [who] were not in attendance and [were] forced to view said pictures.” But they’re not apologizing for having Kirill back on November 6th. And the uproar and excitement — depending what camp you’re in — has begun.

When Elsa Simms wrote, “Nothing more skeezy than asking people to volunteer for photos who are intoxicated. I don’t think nude photos are legal when the person who is being photographed cannot give proper consent!,” their response was “Great point. I’m sure it is illegal. Good thing that’s not what he does.”

Allure goes on to defend the artistic integrity of what Kirill does. There’s no need. If people are into it, fine, just don’t get your back up over the criticism. Naturally an entertainer who declares his purpose is to “baptize sluts in champagne and piss off feminists” is going to draw some criticism. If you can’t take the criticism, don’t support Kirill.

The video above disproves the comment that Kirill does not take advantage of his subjects’ drunkenness: it is a TIME LAPSE of people getting progressively more drunk and more camera-friendly. This article is not judging people looking forward to whipping out their breasts and getting booze poured over their faces — whatever makes your night and your bills get paid!

But call it what it is, man. The objectification of women for money and entertainment. Notice how all the photos of dudes are fully clothed and just standing around, whereas the women appear to be performing? Unless, of course, I’m missing the artistic merit of that video up there.

The George Street Association openly supporting Allure inviting Kirill looks horrible on them. George Street is already known for its deviants, and now Kirill’s fans — an extension of what the man stands for — are posting very disgusting, hateful, violent, and misogynistic comments on the social media outlets of local women and organizations. You really welcome that without remorse?