“The aerial yoga class takes place in an aerial hammock,” Anahareo explains. “Each student has their own smooth silk hammock for the entire class, and class sizes are limited to 12 people for this reason.”

Anahareo is  an aerialist and certified yoga and pilates instructor. Her classes involve traditional yoga poses combined with aerial gymnastics. “The hammock is a prop like a strap or block, intended to assist alignment, deepen awareness and provide the immediate benefit of spinal decompression.”

There are four classes scheduled to choose from per week, Sunday 10-11am, Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm and Wednesday 12-1pm. “We have a great introductory promo, your first class is $15 or you can do all you can fly for two weeks for $40. To sign up go to: www.wonderoblt.ca/classes.

Ana says there are many benefits of Aerial Yoga, and these classes are suitable for beginners to advanced students.

It’s a total body workout. “Especially for the upper body and core. You will see the difference in your strength in the matter of a couple of classes and a better spacial body awareness after just a few classes. It is like floating in water.”
Develop new body skills. “Because of the new and improved movements involved in the workout, you learn to develop body skills that you may not be able to do in regular yoga.”
Spiritually uplifting. “The spiritual benefits of aerial yoga are undeniable. It increases your creativity which leads you to develop your own artistic skills. You also get to experience more joy and optimism. In simple words, aerial yoga is like doing yoga with a twist!”