“First and foremost, Fogtown is a barbershop,” says Fogtown chief Chris Evans. “That’s how we make our livings and put food on our tables and it’s the aspect most people care about. But if you scratch the surface and dig a little deeper, you see that the vision for Fogtown is of a street/style brand, based around the things we were passionate about in the early days.” 

Fogtown’s brick-and-mortar store was established in 2011, but Fogtown itself went “unestablished” for about a decade prior. “In those days, Fogtown was less of a brand and more of a group of friends and an attitude: a shared passion for DIY, hardcore punk rock, skateboarding, tattooing, and streetwear,” says Evans. 

“We’re proud to maintain that connection to our roots and are always looking for new ways to explore the concept,” says Evans. 

Coming off of an extremely successful collaboration with Quidi Vidi Brewery, the Fogtown brand helped launch QV’s astoundingly popular, blink-and-you-missed-it seasonal brew, Fogtown Lager, and a Movember campaign that more than doubled their original target, raising over $22,000 to help fund projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health initiatives. 

“It was a treat working on Quidi Vidi Fogtown Lager and #QVFogMo with these guys,” says Justin Fong, Sales and Marketing Manager at Quidi Vidi Brewing.” Who knows, maybe you’ll see some more collaborations from us down the road … wink face.”