Flame On! Mustang Sally’s Returns to Downtown

Cooks work the flaming skillet in front of your eyes before serving it up ....

Not too long ago, Mustang Sally’s was arguably the reigning champ of late-night eats downtown.
Now, Mustang Sally’s Flaming Skillet has been re-opened, and is aflame with unbridled desire and re-christened at 203 Water Street (the former site of Indian buffet Taj Mahal).

For those unfamiliar, Mustang Sally’s was a longtime fixture of downtown. They serve wraps, quesadillas, nachos, stir-frys and salads, all custom-made and filled with whatever you want. Cooks work the flaming skillet in front of your eyes before serving it up. There will also be a pint and wine bar, any day now.

According to owner Kyle Hickey, Sally’s is taking it slow and steady. She’s working on the fundamentals before attempting after-hours supremacy. “Right now, we are focusing on delivering a good lunch, supper, and evening product,” he says. “So once we have that down to a science, we will expand into the late-night market.” 

Another good sign is Mustang Sally’s recent kick-off: an Easter Seals fundraiser. For Hickey, the atypical launch party was a perfect fit.”It was important for me to build something that had a place in the community, so deciding to work with Easter Seals was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made.” According to the Mustang Sally’s crew, the event was a complete success. Patrons showed up in droves to support Easter Seals over their launch weekend.

Owner Kyle Hickey knew we all needed this place back in our lives, especially for a quick lunch or meal on the run. So he bought the brand and reopened it in a perfect location. The plan is to stay grounded and keep the secret sauce flowing. “Right now, I would say we are trying really hard to listen to our customers and give them a great product,” says Hickey. “There’s a lot of nostalgia here, so we want to make sure we deliver the great, all-around experience people remember.”

Photos by Joel Upshlal for The Overcast
Photos by Joel Upshall for The Overcast
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  • I was happy when I heard you were coming back to town. I always enjoyed whatever went into my mouth from your restaurant, no matter what hour of the day or night. However, just last week I got some supper from your restaurant (2 wraps and Nachos) and I wasn’t very pleased when I got home. My wraps were flat, hardly anything in them and my nachos were very bare. Just as well I had to get them plain with nothing on them. I was very disappointed with the result, I guess because I had higher expectations!! I know produce from the supermarkets are extremely expensive right now, but I still expect to get what I pay for at a restaurant!

    • Hey there! Thanks for the feedback. We are aiming to keep Mustang Sally’s as authentic as people remember and feedback like this does help (especially as we roll into our full opening).

      We let customers choose their own ingredients, so feel free to get what you like on your wraps and nachos and make sure it’s just the way you like. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the brand so I do hope you do come back. If there is a still an issue, please reach out to me personally. We want to get this right for St. John’s.

      Kyle Hickey

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