Fishing For Success and Rocket Bakery are marking the 25th anniversary of Newfoundland and Labrador’s cod moratorium with a series of events centered around sharing stories and skills related to our province’s fishing heritage.

Fishing For Success is a non-profit that operates out of Petty Harbour with a mandate to preserve and celebrate knowledge handed down through family fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The organization is in the process of rebuilding a fishing premise in Petty harbour, which will serve as a living museum where people can learn and participate in catching, processing, drying, and salting fish on the flake. They are currently running several youth and community programs designed to reinvigorate traditional foodways in Petty Harbour through afternoons spent foraging, fishing, and boating.

This summer Fishing For Success is hosting two bi-weekly events at Rocket Bakery in St. John’s. They will offer Fishcakes & Fishermen dinners where people can enjoy a meal featuring Newfoundland fishcakes while hearing stories about the family fishery. As well as family-friendly, Rope Weaving & Net Kitting workshops where participants will get hands-on experience with traditional weaving and knitting methods.

Fishcakes & Fishermen will take place in the Rocket Room every second Wednesday from July 5th to September 13th, tickets are $ 45.00 per person and should be booked by phone in advance, 738-2011. 

Rope Weaving & Net Knitting will be happening in the Rocket Room every second Monday from July 10th to September 4th , 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Fishing For Success will accept a $5.00 per person donation to their Youth Cod Fishery Program at the door.