First downtown, then the Avalon Mall, then Signal Hill cafe … and now, for the first time, a new shop opened off the island. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company are riding a sweet wave of chocolatey success since opening in 2008 out of its owners’ basements.

The new location is in the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. With two chocolateries in St John’s, wholesale accounts across Canada, a chocolate café situated on Signal Hill, an online store, and now its first chocolaterie outside of Newfoundland, Brent and Christina Smith’s visions have come to fruition.

“Our new venture is a huge achievement for us, and true to our mission of bringing Newfoundland to the world,” says Chief Chocolate Officer Brent Smith. He says their products showcase our stories, traditions, and unique culture.

“Using the platform of delicious handmade chocolate, we can reach out to people further into Canada and around the world, who admire our name and study our maps, pictures, and ingredients from the place we are named for.”

“Newfoundland is at our heart, it’s in our name and it’s in our chocolate”, says Smith. “We feature local berries and other famous Newfoundland flavours throughout both our chocolates and new line of house made gelato. These include biscotti from Tilt House Bakery, Jumping Bean coffee, Pure Labrador berry spreads and famous Screech rum.”

All that “without the use of preservatives, additives and fillers.” Smith adds that the response to the new store has been phenomenal. “While we may have anticipated a positive reception from  Newfoundlanders living away, it has been the enthusiastic response from our Maritime neighbours that has been most heartwarming.”

“Nova Scotians are loving the Newfoundland Chocolate Company and it makes us so proud to be able to share our passion for great chocolate and our love for our Newfoundland home with Nova Scotia and, in time we hope, much more of Canada and the world.”

The new store is decked out with “Mic Mac’ the friendly Chocolate Mooousse,” the company’s giant chocolate fountain, the model Newfoundland Bullet train, the dripping chocolate ceiling and cocoa trees that canopy the entrance.

“There is nothing more decadent than a freshly made truffle or a taste of creamy gelato that has been made fresh on site that very morning. Our expert chocolatiers passionately hand craft our daily delicacies right in front of our customers.”