Sonny Tripp’s latest release “should be” available at Fred’s on February 8th.It’s called Work, and will also be available at Anyone who came of age in the 90s, or even those who came to love 90’s music by acknowledging how songs like Sloan’s “Coax Me” or The Inbred’s “Any Sense of Time” influenced modern Canadian music, will find themselves drawn to this band’s sound. 

“This track nicely wraps up the sound of the album as a whole,” says frontman Ryan Taylor, “and the things we were trying to accomplish on it. The clean parts are cleaner, the fuzzy parts fuzzier, the poppy songs poppier, and we took great care to make sure things sounded the way we wanted.”

Taylor says he wrote this song after taking a summer job at a call centre in 2014. “I think a whole lot of young people trying to find their way in Newfoundland can definitely relate to it.”