BR First Listen

Hear it here:

Avid showgoers know Branch Ricky as one of the best new bands in town; avid Overcast Radio listeners have heard their Strokes-esque song “Everything but the Needle” in rotation for a month or two now. They’re at work on their album, and they’re leaking a track here today that leans in a totally different direction: a soft-rocking, boy meets girl jam.

“Its officially titled ‘Something to See,’ but it has kind of colloquially been referred to as ” Karaoke Queen” by most of our pals and showgoers,” says Evan Mercer, who wrote the song, and sings and plays bass for the band.

“It’s the story of a maintenance man working at a hotel who has fallen in love from afar with the woman who sings karaoke at the inn’s bar. Though rough around the edges, she embodies the beauty he desires and he recounts his infatuation in detail as he pleads for the strength to sing a song for her instead in a traditional vocal round, wherein both Bradley Mercer (keys) and Tristan Woodworth-Lynas (rhythm guitar) fill in the backing vocals of the song. The remainder of the song is filled out by Leon White (lead guitar) and Nick Giles (drums).”

You can catch Branch Ricky tonight at The Levee (along with Satans, Rogues, and Tyler Hache), and on May 1st, for Lady Brett Ashley’s EP release.