Local heavy music favourites The Combine will release their second LP August 25th, on all major online platforms, and as a CD. For now, you can check out “Ivan the Mechanic” above.
The album is called Void and Vessel, and it’s been in the works since the release of 2013’s Witness. “The album represents a developmental leap for the band,” says Mike Mercer, “utilizing the musical chops, songwriting skills, and wealth of experience garnered after 5 years of intensive rehearsing and performing together in St. John’s.”
Void and Vessel was self-produced by The Combine; recorded and mixed in their home studio over the course of 18 months, and once again mastered by Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. “Fascination Street is known for their work with giants of the genre such as Opeth, Devin Townsend, Between the Buried and Me, and many more,” Mercer says.
The leaked track above, “Ivan the Mechanic,” is a showcase of what can be found on the new album, featuring 7-minutes of powerful guitar riffage, frenzied grooves, and one of the band’s most powerful and memorable vocal performances to date.
Thematically, Mercer explains “the song tells the story of Ivan, a maintenance worker on a space station held hostage by a rogue artificial intelligence.The title also pays tribute to a well-appreciated Band Dad who was able to fix the car after a breakdown, in a blizzard, on the way home from a gig on the west coast.”
The Combine are performing along with Bridges and Deadgaard at The Rockhouse on August 12th, where they will be screening the debut of their upcoming music video.