I’ve heard the album, and I want the drummer to know he needs a pat on the back. There’s so much innovative drumming on the album, and what better intro for the new Lady Brett Ashley single, “Hunter,” than Phil Kromer’s excited rim hits. The song is quick to explode into bold basslines and a blazing chorus that sticks to the ears like sand on wet skin.

The new album, Fault Lines, will drop November 27th at The Rockhouse … but you can catch them before then at MUN, where they’ll be opening for Canadian mega-adored band, Alvvays, on Friday September 25th, or, October 9th at The Breezeway with Steve Maloney and Jeremy Fisher for a homeless youth benefit called Safe and Sound St. John’s (part of a national campaign).

“The secret about ‘Hunter’ is that I am the hunter in the house,” says frontwoman Heather Nolan. “This was actually one of my earliest written songs from my 2013 Lady Brett Ashley RPM album. Lots of current LBA tunes came from that RPM.”

Nolan says the band struggled for a while in trying to arrange this song with the band, “but now the raw rock and roll of it is a band favourite. Brad’s bass solo, the badass organ, tight drumming and Phil’s killer harmonies make it such a production.”

Fault Lines will be a good old-fashioned 10-track LP, in a world of EPs, and like most local albums these days, it was produced by Georgie Newman. “Hunter was one of the first listens we got on the album post recording and we were all speechless. Georgie Newman made this song sound huge and we couldn’t be happier. He got exactly what we were going for.”

Fault Lines will include a number of never-heard-before tracks alongside some tried-and-true band favourites. Though Nolan identifies as a folk songwriter, the goal of Lady Brett Ashley is to add some rock and roll to her tunes, as this single sure as hell did.

The band intends to eventually stream a song a week until the release on their Bandcamp page, but each one will be online for one week only, to be taken down when the next week’s is released.