Local rock band Hot x Proxy are releasing a new album Saturday September 19th at the Ship, alongside Cabbages & Kings and Chris Kearsey.  Above is a leaked track off it, “Starts When I Look at You.”

It’s a song Chris Hynes of the band calls “a ‘90-mile needle with your gas light glowing kind of love song, that traverses the well-beaten path between the manic and the romantic.  It’s sort of a confession to that girl or guy that, with just a glimpse, turns your world upside down. In the best of ways.”

Thematically, the album is the band’s attempt at making a “rock-soaked love story against a series of St. John’s reality checks, where everyone is the star of their own little romantic comedy.”

Each song tells the story of a protagonist as he/she “journeys for something more than just an overpriced cocktail on a hot summer’s night on George street. The album opens with a sort of ‘peacocking swagger’ and holds onto it for as long as it can until that sobering moment, where desire turns into yearning.”

“It’s not a defeat so much as it is a realization that maybe what you are looking for isn’t where you are looking. Sonically, it’s just seven rock and roll songs that should be felt against your chest in a crowded bar with your favorite people in tow, that’s the goal, to ROCK! But if you like reading into the songs, you can do that too.”

They’re self-described as “loud, fun, sticks-in-your-teeth-like-bubble-gum Rock and Roll.” Or as Lucas Coady, of the band, says, “The kind of music that plays when you’re mid-strut, in your Sunday’s best, bazooka Joe on tongue, as you tip your shades to the millions of adoring fans … in your head.”