LBA first



Lady Brett Ashley have emerged from a brief hiatus with a new lineup, and they’re sounding both shiny and new. “Holding Pattern,” the title track off their forthcoming album, demonstrates a more mature, texturally complex, and original sound than their debut EP (not that there was anything wrong with the folk simplicity of History Lessons — it worked very well).

Popular local songstresses Heather Nolan and Allie Duff remain as original members, with their rhythm section filled out — and filled out well — by bassist Brad Pretty and drummer Philip Kromer. Pretty’s basslines are pretty badass, and do a ton to fill in the necessary holes left by the song’s spare, interesting, and effective lead guitar. The resulting sound is almost hypnotic in holding the attention of its listener.

“Lady Brett Ashley’s new album Holding Pattern, is dropping in the new year,” says bassist Brad Pretty, who agrees the title track is a “radical departure” from the band’s first release. “Once rooted in a folk aesthetic, we’ve gained an indie pop/rock edge. The album spans a ton of genres, never completely settling in any one place. This track has a sublime beat throughout that accentuates Heather’s lyrics. It’s bouncy, yet raw, accessible, yet poetic.”

You can catch this notable, new iteration of Lady Brett Ashley tonight at The Levee, along with The Daisy Cutters, Carlyle, and The Connexions.