“Hiding” by Town House

Town House is a much-buzzed new band in St. John’s, who self-describe as ambient/post-rock/shoegaze. The band started in 2015, when Mellyssa Vey (vocals/piano/guitar) moved into a townhouse with Curtis Smith (lead guitar) and Tyler Stanley (drums); hence the band name.

A few months later they found Mike Dray (to play bass) and started writing their debut EP, Floods. Both producers they worked with experienced water damage to their studio so naming the EP Floods is their way of commemorating that.

“Hiding is the first track off the EP and it’s about an inner battle with oneself.” Vey says. “On one hand, feeling the need to speak up and say your opinion, but then afterwards feeling anxious about it, and wishing you kept quiet.”

They are releasing their EP at Factory on Feb. 25th, alongside Thom Coombes (who’s at work on his own new music), and Green & Gold. You can grab the album at that show. And it’ll appear eventually on town-house.bandcamp.com.