In an era of EPS, one of the city’s most prolific and original and diverse songwriters, Jake Nicoll, is about to release a good old fashion double album in late March. It’ll be called Two Things / Half of Nothing.

We’re leaking the title track off the second album here today. Nicoll wrote “Half of Nothing” a few years ago while touring Europe with The Burning Hell, for whom he plays drums.

“We were on our way out of Munich when our van broke down, leaving us with a lot of time to kill on the side of the highway. Luckily I had my guitar handy. Why not write a song about disappointment, rather than just sitting around feeling disappointed?”

“Actually, I know it comes off as a sad or negative sentiment, but I still feel like there is a positive feeling underneath it all. In the end we can’t take for granted that anything works. I think it’s easy to assume that the natural state of things is to work, to function, and that when things are broken that’s abnormal. But maybe it’s the other way around? The status quo is actually disfunction and the fact that anything works at all is a tasty surprise.”

Look forward to the album, it’s as musically diverse as it is really good.