Run to the Rocks are releasing a new album Thursday night at The Rose & Thistle. You can preview a track, “Got Your Back” below.

The sound is a soaring departure from what you might expect if you’re familiar with the last Run to the Rocks album. There’s some great energy and instrumentation on the track, reflecting the musical innovation and boundless jumps of genre Jake Nicoll has demonstrated across his many albums and musical projects over the last few years.

Jake says the change in sound is a result of expanding on the songs with a band. “From the first jams with the full band (the addition of Noah Bender on bass, and Chris Donnelly on drums) I watched these songs get progressively louder and more intense. It felt good. On top of that, while recording and mixing this project, I had just finished soldering together a little tube distortion unit, and in my enthusiasm I used that effect quite extensively. This album is loud and fuzzy.”

“Got Your Back” by Run to the Rocks