Brianna Gosse is awfully young to be so accomplished, and her musical merit extends beyond her sensational voice. For starters, the sophistication of her songwriting has won her FOUR NL Arts and Letters awards.

She’s also appeared on stage at some notable festivals, like the NL Folk Festival, The Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Festival, and The Halifax Urban Folk Festival.

She’s even showcased for MusicNL and the ECMAs; it’s no surprise then, that’s she’s recently been accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

Her musical career took a huge jump forward upon winning the NewFound Talent Competition at the 2012 MusicNL conference. One of the judges, Chris Kirby, became a fan-turned- producer of Brianna’s forthcoming debut LP, Aera. And what a first-rate production. 

The song might surprise you if you’re used to seeing Brianna alone with her acoustic guitar: it’s  big, and faultlessly achieves what it’s going for. The verses are reminiscent of a playful Sarah Slean, and the chorus comes out of nowhere with all the qualities of a runaway radio hit.

You’d swear it’s her 5th record, and the sound quality should do much to heighten Chris Kirby’s status as a first-rate album producer as well. this track is super polished and very bright.

“This Is It” off Brianna’s forthcoming record, Aera.

Brianna Gosse will launch AERA Thursday July 17th at The Fat Cat, with Bleu and Chris Kirby and the Marquee.Show starts 9:30.