First Listen: “Drifter” off Kat McLevey’s Forthcoming Album

St. John’s favourite folky wunderkind Kat McLevey will be releasing her debut EP May 9th at the Rocket Room. Seems odd to type “debut” in that sentence, Kat’s been on the scene for two years now, and turning many heads since the release of her 2012 RPM album, which landed her a spot in the Lawnya Vawnya Festival. Kat also won MusicNL’s Statoil Christmas Songwriting Contest, for her track “Winter Shows Me”: a gorgeous, straight-up lady folk song that sounds the way we’ve come to expect Kat to sound. And that’s what’s interesting about her forthcoming EP: it defies expectations. The kind, silver fox of local music, Ian Foster, helped Kat record these songs, and the result of the recording, and its manner of treating every song differently, trying to find and enhance its essence, provides listeners with an exploration of the many avenues Kat McLevey can take as a songwriter, or take us down as a listener. Here’s the title track, “Drifter.”


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