The St. John’s music scene has plenty of amazing acts these days — be it heavy or soft, loud or quiet — but not enough of the kind of stuff Derm Kean’s been involved with. This Saturday night, he and his new band, Mr. Supper, will be playing their first show. The band is: Derm Kean (Vocals), Mike Coffen (Guitar), Jimmy Barter (drums) and Mike Molly (bass). “The band was founded in August of last year,” Derm says, “when Coffen and Jimmy got together to write a handful of songs.” By the end of September they’d filled in the gaps by recruiting Derm and Molly.  “It didn’t take long for us to realize we had a high quality chemistry together for writing. The subject matter of my lyrics go everywhere from the disgusting, frightful behavior of mankind, self destruction/mutilation, queer sexuality to being a proud outkast. The band is loud, dirty, tasteful, and tight. We’ll be playing our debut show this Saturday at Bar None, with friends, George Nervous four, Stress Cadets, and Werewoman. It’s going to be a wild time, so bring your bad self down.”

Here’s “Showstopper” by Mr. Supper