“This is a song I wrote as a joke initially,” Mopey says, “but now I’m pretty serious about selling my bed. The thing is huge and is most definitely meant for a married couple.”

The song was recorded earlier this month by Jake Nicoll. “He really made recording a full album as easy as possible, also the most fun I’ve ever had recording. Typically recording can take the fun out of the songs when you have to repeat them over and over. Thankfully we recorded each song on the first few takes. And I like to think the recordings captured the fun we had. Hopefully the energy translates to people who listen.”

Mopey Dyke banded together with a few close friends to form Hard Ticket: Nicole Squires on bass, Jonny May plays the second guitar, and Megan Harnum takes care of the drums. “I couldn’t have asked better people. I didn’t know how things would pan out, or if they would even like the songs I wrote.

“Turns out they did, and about a month later we recorded a full length album. It all moved so quickly, but it felt good. Real damn good. Thus Hard Ticket was born. Drawing inspiration from bands I love such as; Jacuzzi Boys, Bleached, The Babies, The Beets. I still don’t know what to call Hard Ticket but I believe the sound to fit in somewhere along the lines of Rock Pop.”

The album has no release date as of yet, but it will drop some time in February (on Bandcamp and merch tables at their shows), and it’ll be called Tuff Cookie.  Keep up to date with them on their Facebook Page. Their next show is the 29th of December at Distortion, with New Flesh.