Kate Lahey has been building a name for herself on the local music scene since releasing an RPM album in 2016 that landed on the longlist for the Borealis Music Prize. Her official debut, Feeling Things, will be available December 13th under the band name Weary.

The album exceeds expectation, and sets her up as a new musical trailblazer in the province. Feeling Things has already received the support and nod of approval from two local grants, courtesy of the City of St. John’s and MusicNL. It’s no wonder why, if you take a listen to the “Bruise” above. Lahey is serving up her own ultra-modern, brooding spin on folk pop.

The music is moody, effectively sparse, and grabs ahold of your very core. The sentiments are elevated by the rare quality of her soul-soothing vocals. “Bruise” is the kind of song you can love upon first listen, and leave on repeat for a silly-long spin.
Since the people of St. John’s singled her out during last year’s Overcast People’s Choice Awards for “Best Slow Song,” she’s clearly be incubating her promise into something sure to speak for itself in announcing her as a notable new voice in this old city of ours. If you like what you’re hearing here, she’s having her release show on her birthday (December 28th) at The Ship, with Kat McLevey and Property.