Allie Duff 1st Listen

Allie Duff and the Happy Campers will be releasing a new album shortly, and she’ll be giving the song above away later this week in anticipation of the new release. “6 A.M.” starts off with a deceptively simple intro before bursting into a great rock song about a failed relationship that features Allie’s signature bah-bah-bah riffing and her solid singing chops. Duff has a unique sound for the city – you hear one of her songs and you know it’s hers. If this track is any indication, she’s become a more confident and sophisticated songwriter in the last year – “6 A.M.” has a great song structure, and even includes some sexy sax blasts from Chris Harnett, and a fun bridge and solo at the mid-way point. There’s an awful lot of song packed into just 3 minutes and 2 seconds here.