Feed your belly, fill your soul, and collect this month’s karma points at the Easter Seals 1st annual Food Truck and Pop-up Fair this Saturday (Sept. 17th) from 2-6 and 206 Mount Scio Road. 

20% of money made by each participating vendor will be donated to Easter Seals, to support their many programs, camps, and services for persons with disabilities.

The event will be an opportunity to taste the varied offerings of some of the city’s up-and-coming, brand new, or tried and true food vendors not readily available through storefronts in St. John’s as of Saturday. IN other words you get to try a bunch of new local food! The vendors are:

    Frozen Moments
    The Old Dublin Bakery
    Smith’s Sweet Treats
    Soul Azteka
    Little HK Bakery
    Sadie Leigh’s
    Taste of India
    Kono Pizza
    Oh My Cheeses

“Oh My Cheeses” take the cake for best pun-name, and as you might have guessed, their offerings are centred around cheese. Specifically, they make “Fancy grilled cheeses using quality cheeses, and housemade breads and preserves, incorporating local ingredients.”

Hot tip on The Old Dublin Bakery: their cinnamon buns bring all the boys and girls to the yard. And they make a sticky toffee and date pudding topped with “a smooth and rich Jameson Irish Whiskey Butterscotch Sauce.” The “cheerful and chatty dubliner” behind this vendor is Kevin Massey, who positions his products as “homebaked goods with all the right ingredients.”

But how are Spud Nados spinning their potatoes, how good are Pretzelmaker’s pretzels, and is Frozen Moments a purveyor or frozen yogurt, or, photographs?? Not gonna spoil that for you here: go find out for yourself and and help fund the endeavours of local food vendors and charitable organizations alike.