There are certain things taxi drivers harden themselves to.
Disrespectful behavior is one of them. Sometimes you’ve just got to walk away.

It’s late Friday night, downtown, bar closing time. People want to get home.
They’ve had enough. Some have lined up sex and it’s time to claim the prize,
while others just want to get some rest.

Beauty and the boy approach the cab. She looks like she stepped out of a modeling magazine.
He is young, handsome, and very muscular. She is obviously the alpha. He quietly follows.

No question such as, Are you available? She just jumps in the front passenger seat.
He, the rear. She is gregarious and loud with a shrill voice, and is obviously
drunk or high on some other drug.

“I want you to take us home, and I want to pay the price other drivers charge me.”

“Where is home miss, and how much is it the other drivers charge you?”

“CBS and they charge me thirty dollars.”

She then gave me the specific location.

“Sorry miss. Where you wish to go is a $60 to $70 run, and at the busiest
time of night and week, I am not going to cut rates that much.”

There was no warning. She spit in my face. I was at first shocked, in disbelief,
and then engulfed with intense anger. The initial reaction was to lash out.
My body shook with anger.

The young man jumped from the back seat, hauled open the front door and dragged her
from the cab. “ What the f**k is wrong with you! He’s only doing his job!
What is your problem?” he shouted at her. He cursed some more.

“I’m sorry, cabby. I apologize man. You didn’t deserve that. I really apologize.
She is usually not like this. She acts up when she doesn’t get her way, but never this.”

He threw a $20 on the seat, apologized again, and taking her by the arm,
took her away from the cab.

I’d almost reacted by grabbing her, and throwing her from the cab.
The consequences of that could have been severe. No more nights at least for a while.
There is still anger inside.