Oopsy-Daisy: “Okay, I have my first confession for The Overcast: I am recently single. I have never online dated. It weirds me out, there’s something sterile or deliberate, or awkward, or unnatural about it. Anyway. I got lonely I guess, and I thought the best way to test the waters of online dating, and sort of check it out — like how it works and how men behave on there and stuff — was to create a fake profile. I didn’t use my real name, or even my real face (I used some photo off a Google search for ‘okay looking woman in her late 20s.’) Anyway, after a few scary online interactions (men are weird! please consult your lady friends on your choice in profile pics, for god’s sakes!), I started talking with this really, really amazing guy.  A total babe, really funny, smart as a ship, and knows how to make a gal feel special. But here’s the thing. He’s started complimenting physical attributes of the fake face I TOTALLY FORGOT I had been using. He is all about those green eyes, but mine are brown, man, brown as dirt, and while you have a “thing for a woman in a bun,” my hair is too short for that shit. Now what? I fear my winning personality has made him fall in love with a fake face and it’d be too weird to show him my real face, since he has taken to this one! He wants her now, not me. This is sooo weird!”