Fake Nerd Girl

Trolls are gonna get pwned!

Happening Thursday – Saturday @ the LSPU Hall
Feb. 22-24, 2018, 8pm
Feb. 24, 2018, 2pm

Trolls are gonna get pwned!

As explained by Rogues Portal, Fake nerd Girl is “a hilarious theatrical play written and performed by Chloe Payne. It follows the superhero origin story of Olive, a young girl who faces her destiny in becoming a nerd girl vigilante and how she battles trolls, mansplainers and gross con dudes … [Chloe] keeps everyone laughing for the entire show”

Here’s the synopsis:

“Ridiculously epic and epically ridiculous, Fake Nerd Girl is the story of one girl’s rise to superhero stardom in the face of unrelenting internet trolls. Cheer as she lays waste to alien invaders, applaud as she outwits the undead dragon, and rejoice as she battles the ultimate internet overlord. Fake Nerd Girl is feminist geekery at its finest: hilarious, awkward and totally kick ass.”

Created and performed by award-winning comedienne, Chloe Payne, Fake Nerd Girl has toured to festivals across the country.

“The best use of sound and physical play I’ve seen in years.” – London NewsTalk 1290


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