It’s at the Farmer’s Market! It’s at the festivals! It’s everywhere! It’s totally in your face!

In Your Face Cookies & Ice Cream—the mobile ice cream shop —has been a big hit this summer at its pop-up locations. Thanks to the super-deluxe summer we’ve had, the ice cream business is booming.

For April Miller, proprietor of In Your Face Cookies & Ice Cream, crafting ice cream comes naturally. “My grandmother had a bakery to support her family after her husband was lost at sea; I always sort of had a secret dream of following in her footsteps,”says Miller.

“Then, I was roaming Costco one day and bought an ice cream machine on impulse. I started making ice cream for my friends, for dinner parties … a friend suggested I sell it at the Farmer’s Market and I’m there this year and loving it.”

Miller’s “back-to-basics, real ingredients” point-of-view has helped her find a home in the heart’s of market patrons. “I avoid artificial flavours if at all possible,”says Miller. “So if I make Banana, it has bananas in it. The ice cream is also preservative-free.”

“I really try to balance classic flavours with the crazier stuff I love trying,”says Miller, who stocks standards like Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel alongside new concoctions like Mexican Chocolate, Curried Peanut Butter, Vietnamese Coffee, and Root Beer, as well as unusual confections like Guinness, and Cheese.

Miller has also been dabbling in Vegan-ized flavours. “It’s so fun selling dairy free / Vegan ice cream. People are always so happy that they can have ice cream when they’re used to not being able to eat it!”

In Your Face Ice Cream can usually be found at either Some Good Market or the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Check their Facebook page for details ( Custom orders are also available.