“Fabulously Eclectic” EP Release Tonight at The Ship …

Avalon Stanley - Burn-1

A recent press release about tonight’s Avalon Stanley EP release called the album fabulously eclectic, and they were not overplaying the word eclectic. It really is, there’s acoustic duets, then soft rock, then reggae, then something you can’t quite put a finger on. It helps to have a plenty of different guest musicians adding unique flavour to each track, like Alexandra Gow’s violin on the opening track, Greg Bruce’s sax on “Game of Shades,” or Wade Tarling on the piano, gourlay, and field organ in the great title track. Chris Dreidzic and Evan Mercer add the drums and bass to most tracks.  You can catch them launching their EP tonight at The Ship alongside The Beer Patrice and Branch Ricky.

Since it’s Friday, let’s go with the danciest track on the album, “Game of Shades,” but don’t judge the band by the one song, they really are all over the place.

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  • I agree that it’s eclectic, but despite that I think this is a very cohesive little album. It’s not being willful or contrary. There’s a unifying thread that runs through the material, and it flows nicely from beginning to end.

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