Event Listings

Unfortunately, we have closed our Event Listings.

In February of 2018, we invested $750 in a program that would allow us to:

  • Sync our event listings with Facebook events in St. John’s, so that anything on Facebook would be in our event listings.
  • Fetch all events by venues we had entered into our system.
  • Allow the public to add and manage their own events.

But the following happened:

  • Facebook made some changes that shut down the auto-sync function we paid for.
  • Despite a lot of public outcry for comprehensive event listings, people weren’t taking the time to add their events to these listings, either because they’re satisfied with making Facebook events only, or because they weren’t aware of these event listings, or because of a poor understanding our system required people to add their own events.
  • The number and frequency of requests from the public to fix errors or update changes to events they entered became more than our limited staff resources could handle.
  • The program we were using developed glitches over time.
  • In a world of apps, like Facebook’s Local App, online event listings are fading into obscurity and can’t compete.

As a result of these factors, our event listings were not comprehensive enough to warrant keeping. They were a poor reflection, or a mere fraction of the events happening in St. John’s. And they became an unmanageable burden on limited staff resources.

Suggest An Event

The Overcast curates two columns of suggested events, in addition to articles on local events:

  • Online: A weekly 5 Things To Do This Week Column, featured prominently on the site
  • In Print: a Monthly 10 Things to Do This Month Column

Please put your events on our radar, we can’t share what we don’t know about:

The suggested events are chosen to represent a cross-section of various event types (example: Kid’s Events, Live Music, Food & Drink), and with the paper’s primary readership in mind.