The word ethereal means “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.”

Megan Warren, owner of Ethereal Boutique, says this word summarizes the inspiration behind the fresh, eclectic, cool, and lovely clothing selection at her 199 New Gower storefront.

Making women look and feel so beautiful, it’s as if they come from another world, that’s the goal. The shop’s pretty, laid back white and pink interior feels welcoming, not pressuring.

A 28 year old townie, Megan studied business administration, worked at the mall, and wrote a fashion blog before starting her own business. Beginning with an online boutique, success lead the operation to become bricks and mortar downtown in September of 2017.

Stocked mostly with Montreal and LA fashions, Megan seeks Newfoundland product too. Figgyduff Dory (makers of the famous “Fries Before B’ys” t-shirt), Daniela Fougere Jewelry , and other local makers supply Ethereal with stuff exclusive to the store.

How does she choose the brands she carries?

“They are ones that I wear” she answers.

From the body positive denim of Sanctuary, the sweet dresses, tops, and coats of brands like Somedays Lovin’ and MINKPINK, and of course all the fuzzy sweaters of fall; each piece is one Megan loves. Purses, backpacks, belts, and scarves complete the shop, all curated with an eye to a look that is simultaneously soft but totally badass. The vibe is young, but not childish or limited to any one age group.

Being young herself, no matter how much she loves her store and the life of an entrepreneur, she wishes she got more time to travel than just the obligatory fashion buying trips. Building her business means spending most of her waking hours working. She eventually hopes to explore Europe and also more of Canada, but in the shorter term, she wants to find more good beaches in Newfoundland.  And more great fashion for her store along the way.